Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Free Amazon Gift Card PROOF! How to Get a Free Amazon Gift Card (SCREENSHOTS)

I just got my very first free Amazon Gift Card code emailed to me a couple days ago from iRazoo. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE and SIGN UP!)

iRazoo is a bit like Swagbucks in that you earn points by filling out offers, watching videos and doing tasks. It's completely FREE!

Here are screenshots of the emails they sent me when I redeemed my points for the $50 gift card, the email they sent three days later with the code and the page that showed my actual code.

The confirmation email I got after I first redeemed the 30,000 points for my free Amazon Gift Card (personal info has been censored):

free amazon gift card

The email with the link to my Free Amazon Gift Card Claim Code (personal info has been censored):

amazon free gift card

The page the link in the previous page took me to which displayed my Amazon free gift card claim code (personal info has been censored):

free amazon gift card codes

The $50 Amazon free gift card applied to my account. Note that I have already used the gift card to make a purchase! :) (personal info has been censored) :

free gift card codes for amazon

A screenshot of the juicer I bought using my free amazon gift card code:

how to get a free amazon gift card

As you can see, I only had to pay $2.99 for tax after using the Free Amazon Gift Card and choosing the free Super Saver shipment option. So, I got a brand new juicer for $2.99!!!!!

As soon as my juicer arrives, I will take pictures and upload them here.

There is no limit to the number of gift cards you can earn with iRazoo, so sign up today and start earning points! It is easy to earn at least one $50 gift card each month.

If you need strategies to help you earn more points, sign up HERE as my referral and contact me to learn how I earn 2000-3000 points on iRazoo everyday!!

Membership to iRazoo is by referral only, so be sure to use the links here on my blog to sign up for iRazoo!


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